Anders-als-andere pro elec PL13084 2 m 4 Way Switched Extension, Grey/White:Anders-als-andere
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pro elec PL13084 2 m 4 Way Switched Extension, Grey/White:Anders-als-andere

pro elec
pro elec Published in October 23, 2018, 1:29 pm
 pro elec PL13084 2 m 4 Way Switched Extension, Grey/White:Anders-als-andere

pro elec PL13084 2 m 4 Way Switched Extension, Grey/White:Anders-als-andere

Price:£7.89+ Free shipping with Porcelanatoliquido3d Prime

SPM Reply to on 23 March 2016
The one i received looks completely different to the picture shown, mine is completely white and the switches are different. Not a big deal as it doesn't matter to me as long as it works, which it does. The one in the picture clearly has a silver/grey surface and looks quite smart, better than the common boring white ones, which as it turns out i got. I would have given 5 stars but to display a different product than the one being sold is a little naughty. The lead does however come out of the right side. I assume that the company is selling different models under the same description as there have been many comments about the lead coming out from the left. Confusing to some, not me though i wanted a righty and got a righty. I just wish sellers would put a picture of the actual one they are selling and not just a generic picture.
A MOONEY Reply to on 24 September 2014
Bought this in May 2013 and had to unplug it and bin it by August 2014. One by one each of the switches 'stuck' in the on position until the third one stuck 'in between' its on / off position. Its got a CE mark on it but I seriously have my doubts. Not safe after time. Can't agree with all of the many good reviews.
Grumpy Reply to on 20 February 2016
I have connected a 1kw fan heater to this extension and when switching the heater off there is quite a big flash from the interior of the switch.I think the electrical construction of this extension is a bit"lightweight"for this kind of use and suspect that it will not last very long before failing.Imay be wrong but as a retired electrical fitter,that is my gut feeling.
RICHARD Reply to on 7 December 2011
Ideal if you dont't want to have to keep taking a plug out and want more plug points.
I had a Laptop that had a tricky plug to get plug out due to its design and this means i don't need to keep doing this. A choice of having a longer lead, for a little extra cost, would be nice as well but item is as it is described. Overall i've be happy as its doing what it was bought for, and its fuctionality thats important with this sort of item.
D.B.E. Reply to on 20 August 2018
I bought the second one recently, as my studio setup expanded. It's very good build, really happy with it. The switches work fine and the red lights are a plus.
Jamie Reply to on 3 December 2013
It looks nice, it feels nice and it should be perfect but sometimes the switches jam on and it takes quite a few on and offs to make the switch un-jam. This makes me think that one day the switches are going to break for good and that day is probably going to be much sooner that I would like. Which is why I cant recommend it. Having said that, its been put into constant use and for the most part, 95 times out of a hundred say, its perfect. Also, my plugs looked nothing like the picture, but that's cool, they look nicer.
Moz Reply to on 19 August 2018
Used normally, it just packed up in June 2018, so only lasted 18 months. Really liked the switching ability but expected it to last longer.
Nabil Freeman
Nabil Freeman Reply to on 26 June 2018
Great and premium feeling! I put it on my kitchen wall.

NB: If you will be wall mounting, the cable comes out of the right hand side.
Mr. J. P. Waite
Mr. J. P. Waite Reply to on 11 January 2018
Much nicer to look at than the classic white box extension leads and the switches are much easier than pulling plugs. This gets lots of use next to my desk/workbench.
VVS Reply to on 7 August 2013
Was delivered promptly.
Giving 4 stars since there are 2 discrepancies between the image and the item itself:
a) the cable goes out from the right side (somebody did mention this in their comments);
b) the switch key does not have the red mark showing that it's in 'on' position. I was keen on having this to be able to clearly see whether the outlet is on/off. In the absence of led indication this might help. Both are not a bit deal but clearly the seller should provide correct picture of the item.
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