Anders-als-andere igking Supply Transmitter USB Folding Wireless Optical Mouse Light Arch Design:Anders-als-andere
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igking Supply Transmitter USB Folding Wireless Optical Mouse Light Arch Design:Anders-als-andere

lgking supply
lgking supply Published in October 23, 2018, 2:14 pm
 igking Supply Transmitter USB Folding Wireless Optical Mouse Light Arch Design:Anders-als-andere

igking Supply Transmitter USB Folding Wireless Optical Mouse Light Arch Design:Anders-als-andere

Price:£2.95+ Free shipping

Aaryn D
Aaryn D Reply to on 4 March 2014
Am very pleased with what I got for my money
It does what mice are supposed to do
It's plug and play uncomplicated
I really like the way it looks
I like that the mouse turns off when I fold it up
I like that the Bluetooth dongle bit is also white
I like that the dongle has its own storage place on the underside of the mouse
And that it's held in place by a mini magnet.
I like that a red light comes on to warn of low battery, instead of the usual wireless trick of suddenly going dead.

And I really like that it delivers effective wireless simplicity for the price of a wired mouse.
I like that I can easily afford to accidentally break it or loose it and doing so wouldn't cloud my mood.
Can it compare with an Apple Magic Mouse for build quality and space age tactile sumptuousness? no
But then it cost me a fiver, not fifty.

If I lost mine today, I'd just come right back here and buy another. No hesitation.
In fact, writing this, I'm beginning to worry about whether it'll still be listed when I need another.
I think I'll pick up a spare while the going is good.
Hel Ninny
Hel Ninny Reply to on 9 November 2017
This is a really good item and not at all cheap! It is a perfect weight and grip - I have arthritis and I have found it easy to use and comfortable. If you 're willing to wait a few weeks then this is a great mouse to use over long periods. I've ordered another one as a gift. Works perfectly.
Serena Myles
Serena Myles Reply to on 5 June 2018
It was cheap and I liked the style (my friend uses one but hers was much more expensive)
It feels cheap and its the most sensitive.
Have gone back to using my old one.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 23 March 2015
Really stylish, and it's performance is pretty good. Works well with android devices and PCs. Its compatibility with Macs is ok, but not great. Also, the delivery can take up to a month. However, the device is great value and worth the wait.
julian Reply to on 28 February 2017
came early i am very surprised considering it was from china. works well and the mouse sensitivity had to be turned down and it is quite small but easy to hold. the seller sent me three accidentally lol thanks
Dr NF Taylor
Dr NF Taylor Reply to on 7 May 2016
Compact when folded, neatly containing the sender in a a magnetised compartment and comfortable to drape your hand over when unfolded. Responds to movement smoothly. Fantastic value - the list price for a very similar item in the shops is 8 times this.
bigmould Reply to on 4 June 2017
it was cheap, and i got what i paid for. it is a bit random at times with pointing and clicking which is not ideal for a mouse - straight to landfill
karla Reply to on 25 December 2016
If you need mouse, get this one. It is super cheap, works very well and also has an interesting design. It is also foldable so you can easily pack it in a laptop case. I have had mine for 2 years now and it still works great, and I also have just brought one for a friend.
Jay Reply to on 2 March 2016
Have ordered two of these mice and for the price they are very good. They take awhile to arrive as there not UK based but if you dont mind waiting a couple of weeks then there a very good plug and play mouse.
C. Barnes
C. Barnes Reply to on 4 December 2017
Does what it says on the tin but feels a little cheap and plasticky - too small for my man hands but useful for working with laptop on the move. Mouse wheel is silent but buttons are not. Took forever to come - direct from China
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