Anders-als-andere 2nd Generation Silicone Pancake Mould , Non Stick Cake Maker Egg Ring Genuine Product:Anders-als-andere
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2nd Generation Silicone Pancake Mould , Non Stick Cake Maker Egg Ring Genuine Product:Anders-als-andere

YTH Published in September 21, 2018, 5:17 pm
 2nd Generation Silicone Pancake Mould , Non Stick Cake Maker Egg Ring Genuine Product:Anders-als-andere

2nd Generation Silicone Pancake Mould , Non Stick Cake Maker Egg Ring Genuine Product:Anders-als-andere

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Marcus Reply to on 25 April 2018
So, like many of the other customers here I took a punt on this product and my first 3 attempts were utterly abysmal. No harm, I thought, everything needs trying once (or thrice). But then, for whatever reason I started to experiment, refusing to be beaten.

The results were amazing - maximum credit goes to the secret trick of oiling the pan, then the mold EVERY TIME.

Basically, the approach is as follows:

1. Find a pan in which the mold can sit *completely flat* - it seems obvious but I see a lot of other reviews stating that mix spewed out underneath. I had the same problem until I firmly flattened it against the pan - I just expected it 'to work' well it doesn't. Make sure the pan and the mold are OILED before use.

2. You're most likely using it upside down (I was!) there are little holed edges at the (presumably) bottom - they'd serve no purpose at the top, so it must be the bottom, right? Wrong, that's the top. They might as well not be there, but they are and appear completely unused in the process unless you fill the mold right the way to the top, which wouldn't work anyway.

3. Oil the pan and the mold before use. Yes, this is also 1, it's THAT important.

4. Get the pan to a medium-head, oil up everything and place the mold in the pan - press it down (carefully with fingers, the top stays cool) or with a utensil - a silicon mini spatula works perfectly.

5. Get a mini spatula! You'll need to flip the pancakes and because there are 7 of them you can't do any pan-handle action, a mini spatula is perfect (like flipping burgers).

6. Be patient and don't use too much heat. The pancakes cook at a medium speed, no need to rush like with crepes. Too hot at the bottom burns (I have lots of evidence of this). You do not need a really hot pan. Once the mix has either bubbles rising in it or has gone mostly firm on top you can lift the mold off.

7. OIL THE PAN AND THE MOLD!! If you haven't oiled the mold then lifting it off the part-cooked pancakes is a disaster. Letting the pancakes cook as described above will allow you to gently lift the mold off leaving perfectly formed pancakes - if any stick then use the mini spatula to gently push then through. Obviously lifting it up too soon results in spewage, you'll get a feel for it.

8. GENTLY lift the mold off using the handles letting the mold bow from the outside-in. The rotating motion (as opposed to straight-up lifting) helps the cakes drop out and identifies any sticky bits.

9. Once the mold is lifted off, pop it down somewhere, upside down (you guessed it - so you can oil it)

10. You now have 7 perfect little cakes sat in your pan. Using your mini spatula simply scoop each one up and flip it over, give it another 2 mins or so. By this point they are nice and firm so you can flip them a few times to check cooking progress.

11. I usually flip them once and leave them about 2 mins then flip them back to their original position to check the underside is cooked, if so i scoop them out onto a plate and form a few stacks.

12. Top tip: if you make stacks (bottom up, obviously) the top ones keep the bottom ones warm. I've made 28 cakes (4 batches of the 7-cake mold) and they have all remained nice and hot. Plonk 4 7-cake stacks on the table and you're sure to be popular.

13. OIL THE MOLD again then place it carefully in the pan, ensuring it is perfectly flat and *slowly* pour the next batter load in. I usually use my silicon brush to flick away any burned bits of cake from the last batch to avoid burning smells.

14. Check that heat! It's very easy for the pan to get hotter and hotter - done this so many times. After the 2nd batch I find myself turning it right down...smoking oil is a clear sign it's getting too hot.

So there we go - this product IS awesome, I was just not using it properly. I've written such a long review because it is brilliant and the idea of other people being unnecessarily disappointed saddens me. I've attached some pictures to show how well the pancakes come out, hope this has been useful!
S. Buescher
S. Buescher Reply to on 2 July 2017
Super disappointed, will probably go in the bin. The dough doesn't cook on the edge so while the pancake burns in the middle the edges are still uncooked. When you lift the mould, most of them don't lift out, the pancake middle stays in the pan and the edges are an uncooked mess on the mould. The mould then needs cleaned then for the next go.
Sishmasquash Reply to on 27 July 2017
Pancake mixture leaks underneath and makes a mess of things. I can see that happening for any liquid mixture. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but fiddling around to get it working seems like a waste of time and ingredients, when things go swimmingly without trying to use it.
Laura Reply to on 11 November 2017
Not a great product at all. When you pour the batter into it, it seeps out the sides and trying to flip it the mix falls out the bottom. Would not recommend this product at all (and yes it was flat in the pan).
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 24 July 2017
Either the product is faulty or I did something massively wrong. Most of the pancake mix leaked out under the mould, the stuff that remained burnt on the bottom and stuck to the mould. Won't be using this again in a hurry.
T. Lowe
T. Lowe Reply to on 11 August 2018
Made gluten free scotch style pancakes, came out a bit thick on my 1st try, you don't need too much batter. Used a flat pancake pan on a low to medium heat, oiled the pan and spread with kitchen roll. Sprayed the mold with frylight. You need to use with the little holes facing up, I couldn't flip them all at once but it was my first try and might work but it was my first time. Just have a bit of patience when cooking, low and slow!
Sally E
Sally E Reply to on 14 November 2017
Rubbish product. Its not non stick & burns the pancakes as takes so long to cook through
Stuart Maclean
Stuart Maclean Reply to on 22 August 2017
I've tried it a number of times now and as others have stated the mix pours out the sides. The silicone curls up when it gets hot which lifts the sides allowing the mix to escape. Will be going in the bin
Jo Davis
Jo Davis Reply to on 19 June 2018
Totally rubbish, avoid and save your money. Used a big frying pan, placed them in nice and flat, held the down carefully and filled with mixture to cook, but all the mixture oozed out underneath no matter what I tried and the silicon unit just floated on the top. Horrid mess created and children in tears watching what should have been a nice fun meal get ruined. So unimpressed. Save yourself time and money and don't bother with this!
my2pence Reply to on 11 September 2017
Pointless and useless. All the pancake mix just runs into the rediculously large frying pan you need to use it leaving you with one massive pancake that won't cook well because of its size.
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