Anders-als-andere Ty Beanie Boo Plush - Slick the Fox 15cm:Anders-als-andere
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Ty Beanie Boo Plush - Slick the Fox 15cm:Anders-als-andere

Ty Published in October 23, 2018, 1:30 pm
 Ty Beanie Boo Plush - Slick the Fox 15cm:Anders-als-andere

Ty Beanie Boo Plush - Slick the Fox 15cm:Anders-als-andere

Price:£5.99+ Free shipping with Interdir Prime

Mr F.
Mr F. Reply to on 4 October 2016
As I said in my review of the Beanie Boos Penguin review, my son is in year two of school and I thought the days of bringing home toy animals to "live" with us was over but how wrong could I be. He brought home the Penguin version of this little fox and we seem to be suffering from Beanie Boo fixation. His class has the fox as well and at some stage that will come home for a weekend sooner or later but in the meantime and for the sake of fairness we got this fella for my daughter.

Well what can I say, these things are made to be cute and the little fox Ty Beanie is very much worth it, man's deep-seated reaction to all things big-eyed works its magic here and you can't help but love the little thing.

For anyone that likes cute little things and wants to provide their children with a fluffy little pal, the whole range of Beanie Boos is a must. I'm rating this 5 stars for the awwwww factor and the fact that all cuteness aside this is a well-made cuddly toy and it's fairly inexpensive. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. It would be extremely helpful to me if you hit the YES button if you liked my review or NO and a comment so I can improve future reviews.
shane Reply to on 29 August 2018
My wife loves these ty teddy’s this one is perfect for her collection it’s cute too fast delivery with prime it’s a shame they have to call such a cute fox something so stupid (slick) you can just tell that was a very last minute not well thought of name
Kaspmx5 Reply to on 20 May 2017
It's a cuddly fox. Therefore it is marvellous. Slick is a stupid name though. We've called him something else.
S Louise
S Louise Reply to on 28 November 2016
Very cute!
I have put this back for my son's stocking Christmas morning.
This is small but cute.
Good value for money and he will love it.
Very pleased as we love foxes and this is perfect to go with his collection of fox teddies.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 5 December 2017
Really good quality and I would love to keep it for myself but I bought it for my daughter. It's so cute!
Lucinda Reply to on 24 April 2018
Super cute! Bought it for my mum who collects these and she loved it.
Helen Reply to on 3 January 2017
This was a gift, which arrived quickly and as with all previous Beanie Boos I've ordered, was well packaged and just as pictured. Couldn't ask for more!
Mrs. J. Kane
Mrs. J. Kane Reply to on 20 January 2018
Another Beanie Boo for his collection! Happy little boy.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 5 January 2018
My lad carries this everywhere he loves it
D. Wright
D. Wright Reply to on 19 March 2018
Good VfM
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