Anders-als-andere Jeteven Dragon Backflow Incense Burner with Cones Ceramic Dragon Incense Holder ''Dragon Mountain'' 12.2 x 5.2cm:Anders-als-andere
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Jeteven Dragon Backflow Incense Burner with Cones Ceramic Dragon Incense Holder ''Dragon Mountain'' 12.2 x 5.2cm:Anders-als-andere

Jeteven Published in October 23, 2018, 1:36 pm
 Jeteven Dragon Backflow Incense Burner with Cones Ceramic Dragon Incense Holder ''Dragon Mountain'' 12.2 x 5.2cm:Anders-als-andere

Jeteven Dragon Backflow Incense Burner with Cones Ceramic Dragon Incense Holder ''Dragon Mountain'' 12.2 x 5.2cm:Anders-als-andere

Price:£10.99+ Free shipping with Maskedking Prime

Jamie Mather
Jamie Mather Reply to on 23 August 2017
 For the price you can't go wrong!

I absolutely love this piece, the price out ways its performance and overall look.

I found this to be one of the better incense burners on the market, It really adds a great mood and smell to any room, The smoke fills
the bottom pond and creates a pleasing visual show!

Check out my video and your see what I mean.
Julie P
Julie P Reply to on 18 December 2017
I bought this as a gift but couldn't resist trying it out first. It is very light weight and looks slightly cheaper and plasticky than it appears in the pictures but at the price I wouldn't really complain. I like that it includes 10 free cones which is great when you are buying for somebody else. The smoke effect when lit is pretty cool but maybe not quite as impressive as it would have you believe in the photos provided on this site. I would say it is a fun and gimicky gift as long as you keep your expectations at a realistic level.
DAVE COOKE Reply to on 20 January 2018
 This is made from a stone like resin and looks fantastic. It works with incense cones, which when burned produce smoke which I assume is cooled by the material making it heavier than air, and drops in a waterfall cascade. It really does look stunning and makes a fine looking ornament in the grate by the fire. The only minor issue really, is that the cones burn very quickly and are quite strong smelling. I will be looking around to try and find something that burns a bit slower, though I assume that in that case the effect wouldn't be quite so good.

Cones are available separately in packs of 100, which I bought at the same time. Using one every three or so days is more than enough to maintain the aroma, it would be quite possible for a pack to last a year. The boxes themselves are quite aromatic and give off a pleasant odour in the room in which they are stored, too.

I think they really should include at least a few cones with the burner, but that doesn't distract from how good it looks in use.
linda sheppard
linda sheppard Reply to on 14 August 2017
This is a delightful fun ornament shaped as a dragon. It is used for burning incense. It arrived well packaged inside a brown/gold Chinese decorated presentation box cushioned inside with black silk and enclosed 10 incense cones. The cones are placed on the head part of the dragon and lit. Once lit the cones will burn down and the smoke starts to emerge out of the Dragons mouth. It looks very good. You can also put incense sticks into the small hole on one of the dragon's paws. For safety place it out of kiddies reach. I love this it is good fun. The incense cones do burn very fast, but the aroma stays for quite a while in the room.
Charlotte Reply to on 19 January 2018
 Completely blown away by this, not only does it look good without a insense cone on his head, he looks brilliant on his own. The quality of this item is well made, with little details throughout the product. It's sturdy and very durable as well. I have actually had to order another to have two matching, on either side of my t.v unit.

It came with 10 cones, which were various different scents. They are not bad smelling cones either which is always a bonus. The smell has filled my living room without any trouble and long lasting as well. Which is brilliant as I own pets and sometimes it can be a little smelly. There is also a space on the right hand side of the middle area to place a insense stick.

This burner works best in a area with no draft or air flow, this is because the flow of the smoke will work better. As you can see from my video I do have a small draft which effects the way the smoke falls. But when it works correctly its so memorising and can be watched for hours.

I was really happy with purchasing these, and would highly recommend this burner for others
Panda_Chick Reply to on 30 January 2018
Looks very good when you back flow cones on it, and is my staple incense burner now for both sticks and cones (since its left hand has a hole for stick incense). However it was a lot smaller than expected, about the same size as a household mug and while I was happy that it came with some free sample back flow cones, they didn't smell good and just smelled like strong burning. Very pleased with it still though, and would recommend.
P&L Reply to on 11 January 2018
Really beautiful decorative incense burner .
I’ve bought it just few weeks ago and I’m extremely pleased with it .
Good sturdy material with good finishing .
The design is very nice and does the designated job perfectly .
It can be used both with incense cone or sticks . If used with the incense cone it will make a nice and particular effect from the mouth creating a cloud of smoke.
Bex Reply to on 14 April 2018
Lovely back-flow cone burner, the effect is quite mesmerising, watching the smoke cascade down the contours of the mountain scene kind of brings forth feelings of calmness, similar to that of a waterfall. My only issue is the finished cone is often difficult to remove and can therefore be messy - or this is clumsy me and I will learn there is a knack to removing the ash more competently. Thanks!
Wermuta Reply to on 20 February 2018
That's really really beatifull!!!
It come nicely pack and fast. I was planing to give as gift for my friend, but my husban like it so much, that we diceded to keep it for ourself. Looking really amazing. Just one bad thing about it, that in place where you gona keep it can't be current. In diferent case the smokes will not fell so nice as aspected ;)
But still recomended!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 22 October 2017
This is fantastic, it looks good just sitting on a window sill but with a hollow incense cone smoldering away it looks absolutely amazing, like a miniature waterfall. After use it has a slightly unpleasant smell due to the incense cone residue but cleans up easily with a little dish soap and the smell goes away.
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