Anders-als-andere Fibre One 90 Calorie Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bars 5x24g:Anders-als-andere
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Fibre One 90 Calorie Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bars 5x24g:Anders-als-andere

Fibre One
Fibre One Published in September 21, 2018, 6:03 pm
 Fibre One 90 Calorie Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bars 5x24g:Anders-als-andere

Fibre One 90 Calorie Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bars 5x24g:Anders-als-andere

Price:£1.44+ Free shipping with Karatsell Prime

Alessi Lover
Alessi Lover Reply to on 17 June 2018
These are a delicious treat and as handy packed with just one brownie in each wrapper means you can put one in your lunch box or bag for snack time. For me I find it gives me that chocolate fix but without the calories of a chocolate bar. Plus means I feel like I’m having a treat rather than having to withhold from any on the sweet tooth front. Not hard or too soft just nice textured and taste lovely. Yes they are so nice that you could eat more but that would be no gain and might as well go and eat a mars bar or other confectionary bar. Five in a box and other flavours available in them I did get these and another the Cinnamon ones but not tried those yet.
Jay Bazely
Jay Bazely Reply to on 31 August 2017
They taste great but do NOT eat too many in one day and just stick to 2 a day, lets just say that it disagreed with me.
DAVE COOKE Reply to on 29 September 2017
These are great, they taste really chocolately and yet are very low in calories. The only downside is the cost, they really are quite pricey. Tried them recently at a local supermarket that had them at a pound, recent Amazon price was also good, but at the usual price of £2 or more I probably wouldn't go for them
Sofashopper Reply to on 10 May 2018
Damn tasty and maybe health at 90 calories. But a bit disappointing. The box is way larger than it needs to be for these five 'bars'. Each pack is larger than it needs to be and inside is a disappointing bitesize bar. :( Still quite filling, but even at the great amazon price I still feel ripped off, just glad I didnt pay full price in the high street.
natasha kelday
natasha kelday Reply to on 17 November 2017
I first had these brownies from Morrisons and enjoyed them so checked to see if Amazon sold them
They do!
I like them. No nuts, soft, chocolatey and not heavy on the tummy(:
Sure they're small but that means not sickly. You have a big brownie and you're most likely to feel sick after it.
These are perfect.
Matthew newton
Matthew newton Reply to on 14 October 2017
These are great for slimming World only 4 syns per Brownie taste as good as normal Brownie really tasty
SandraPlitt Reply to on 21 April 2018
These were "ok" but a LOT smaller than what I had expected, the product is gorgeous to eat, but I thought they would be the size of a nutri bar, I will not buy again, sorry, far too small for the money.
Jack Reply to on 19 August 2017
Moist, with a very nice chocolate brownie taste. No unpleasant aftertaste. Would highly recommend. The bars are quite small though, hence the 4/5 stars.
It's me again,Annie!!!
It's me again,Annie!!! Reply to on 29 May 2018
I hate them soggy stodgey yuk,tried to give 2jackets away,no one likes them reason you weight eating them because they stick your teeth together!!!
AM Reply to on 20 February 2018
These are very tasty snacks and handy to keep in your bag. They aren’t huge, but are enough to stop the hunger pangs for a while! I will be buying these again.
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