Anders-als-andere 3 x 5 Star Office Punched Pocket Polypropylene Top-opening 50 Micron A4 Clear [Pack 100]:Anders-als-andere
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3 x 5 Star Office Punched Pocket Polypropylene Top-opening 50 Micron A4 Clear [Pack 100]:Anders-als-andere

5 Star
5 Star Published in October 23, 2018, 2:31 pm
 3 x 5 Star Office Punched Pocket Polypropylene Top-opening 50 Micron A4 Clear [Pack 100]:Anders-als-andere

3 x 5 Star Office Punched Pocket Polypropylene Top-opening 50 Micron A4 Clear [Pack 100]:Anders-als-andere

Price:£9.98+ £2.99 shipping

CatsAndBooks Reply to on 22 December 2016
This should show as a 'Verified Purchase' review since I bought these on Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Alas, Amazon is currently attributing the 'verified purchase' badge at random, not for actual purchases.

These pockets are thin and flimsy. The crinkle and crease badly. I only have to pick one up between my fingers, and the plastic is creased. After just one use, they're unsightly.

They are an adequate budget choice where only slight protection is required and appearance doesn't matter. But for anything where impressions count - perhaps to show materials to a client, or to make a nice album as a gift - these are not suitable.
David Reply to on 17 June 2018
The real product is great. Finchley Enterprises did not sell me the product as advertised, though, but an inferior quality version. Beware.
I've now heard from Finchley Enterprises - they replied immediately - and they have shown me that 5* is in fact written on the product that they sent, so Finchley Enterprises may not be to blame. Either these are indeed imitations or the product's quality has gone down since I last bought them.
S. George
S. George Reply to on 13 February 2011
I wasn't sure that these document pockets would be up-to-much when I ordered them, being only 50 microns thick I was expecting some of them to tear as soon as I started using them.

If your intention is to use them to hold more than about ten sheets of A4 at a time, or if you're constantly changing the contents, spend a bit more and get the thicker, 5 Star Premier Punched Pocket Polypropylene Top-opening 80 Micron A4 Glass Clear (Pack 100).

If not, then these will work perfectly and for the price you can't go wrong.
A. Spencer
A. Spencer Reply to on 22 February 2014
This is a con! What you get, are very cheap poor quality sleeves, not the advertised brand, not that 5star is a top brand, but that's not the point. The seller knows, that there's no point you returning the item for it is you that will be out of pocket. You maybe lucky and they have a better brand from the wholesaler that month or like most, you will receive cheap rubbish...............
polly Reply to on 29 June 2018
It says glass clear - really??? These are simply awful - shoddy, thin and by NO means, glass clear!! They look as if they are made from the leavings of some re-cycled plastic, and they look and feel cheap and very nasty. Do not buy - look elsewhere
Clutterbuck Reply to on 18 March 2014
I was sent Banner pockets, not the advertised 5 Star ones. When I complained to the seller, they expressed surprise, yet I see from other reviews that other buyers have been in the same situation. Sorte gave me a full refund and said I could keep the Banner pockets anyway. For 'free' pockets, the Banner ones are OK, although they vary greatly: some are too small to hold even a single sheet of paper; some are extra wide, so would hold a lot of sheets; some have the holes punched wrongly so that they hang 'low' in a ring binder - I certainly wouldn't choose them. I can't comment on the 5 Star pockets since I did not receive them.
SJM Reply to on 31 May 2018
Fairly strong but still thin, low price, have crinkled slightly with use but have never found a plastic wallet that doesn't
Phil Reply to on 17 October 2016
Good value for the price
Prompt delivery, reasonable quality for the price, securely packed, good value for the price, I purchased this from same supplier before and will do so in future.
Sigex Reply to on 28 December 2013
Quality is good, not too thick, and far from too thin. Granulated surface which makes them easier to pick up. Positions of the wholes are perfect, didn't fall apart only ripped one, on my seond packet (1 out of 100).

Sometimes I screw them up in my bag by mistake and just smooth them out and all is well. I recommend.
Mike Chen
Mike Chen Reply to on 6 February 2018
the pocket is a little bit too thin good enough for 1/2 sheets but very cheap
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